Disruptive technology for solid waste recycling

  • Clean, carbon-neutral biomass pellets and 
  • ​Synthetic diesel fuels to replace coal and other dirty fossil fuels
  • Virtually zero plastic & other impurities -  fuels a regular boiler
  • Reduces landfill and disposal costs for municipalities
  • Increases recycling rates to over 90%
  • Segregated plastics transformed to synthetic diesel
  • Process is energy self sufficient and scales easily
  • Reduces greenhouse gas due to landfill gas elimination plus    
    ​     replacing coal and other polluting fossil fuels
  • Order of magnitude lower capital costs than mass incineration
  • Enables high margin transformation opportunities for
    ​     municipalities and MSW operators 


Sustane has developed a set of disruptive separation technologies to transform municipal solid wastes (MSW) to high value fuels and recyclable materials at lower cost than landfilling.

Our initial commercial products are high purity recovered biomass energy pellets (NOT RDF) and synthetic diesel which is derived from waste plastics within MSW. Other value streams are in development.

The new technologies are proven at operating scale. Our results confirm this to be the highest value creating option for municipal waste streams.

Our first North American facility, under construction at Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada has a capacity of 70,000 tonnes per year of MSW and will be operating in the Spring of 2018. We are actively developing commercialization projects in various parts of the globe and we welcome inquiries to utilize these exciting new technologies.

eliminates landfills - at lower cost

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Waste, it's a terrible thing to waste...  solid waste recycling  waste to energy 

solid waste recycling