Sustane Technologies Inc. is a cleantech company, focused on waste transformation. We have developed and are commercializing a set of disruptive processes to transform municipal solid waste (MSW) streams into high value fuels and recyclable materials. 

Our separation technology is different to other approaches that typically extract waste mixtures and attempt to minimize the cost of dealing with these streams.   Sustane's core concept is complete separation and our technology breakthrough delivers pure products that were not previously possible.  The result is unprecedented value recovery and waste diversion levels, practically eliminating landfills.

Sustane's initial commercial operation is under construction in Nova Scotia, Canada and we are also actively developing commercialization projects in various parts of the globe. 

Our Vision
At Sustane we are passionate about creating a clean and sustainable world for ourselves and for future generations. We believe that current consumption and waste patterns are simply not sustainable and that we must fundamentally challenge how we sustain ourselves on this planet.

We will continue to challenge existing methods and to develop and implement new, more efficient and environmentally responsible pathways to re-use our vital resources.

Our People
Sustane’s founders and employees are motivated and aligned by the sustainability vision and technology focus that we all share.

Our Team

Peter Vinall (Co-founder/President)
Peter is a globally seasoned senior executive with over 35 years of experience in pulp, paper and bio-energy sectors. His deep engineering roots, formal business training (MBA), business start-up and turnaround experience continue to drive Sustane’s growth and development.

Javier De La Fuente (Co-founder /Chief Technology Officer)
Javier is a serial inventor and developer of the core technology and IP for Sustane’s processes. He is a deeply experienced multi-sector technologist and designer. Javier leads the technology development and equipment manufacturing functions. 

Robert Richardson (Co-founder/Chief Financial Officer)
Robert is a prominent Canadian businessman, investor and community leader. As a Chartered Accountant with diverse business experience, Robert brings strong project management and financing acumen coupled with proven financial governance credentials.

Eva Osorio (Administration Director)

​Kevin Cameron (VP Sales & Government Relations)

Mark Savory (VP Deployment)


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